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About me

Hi, I’m Jess, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my site.

Author Of Married Women Seeking Married Men

I set up this website to help married women looking for affairs to meet married and single men who are also looking to meet someone special. This started for me a few many years ago when I too was a very unhappily married woman, every day for me was depressing, It got so bad for me that the only reason I utilized to get up within the morning was for my 2 kids. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all the marital problems I had been having back then 🙂 but needless to say, I had been really unhappy. To make matters even worse, I had been sure my husband was having an extramarital affair.

I had been angry, depressed, I felt unwanted and unloved, leaving my husband was not an option at the time, this went on for months, arguing and fighting…it was awful. One day I was watching Dr. Phil and they had on the show individuals from the Charlottefrench.com no strings attached married dating agency. I was literally glued to the screen, after the show I went straight on the internet and signed up for the free trial.

That was 3 years ago, things for me just have not been the same since, actually a lot has changed since…I met some 1 online, that’s, I met quite a few men on different sites but that’s another story 🙂 I met a man who has turned out to be very special to me within the past year, I don’t truly know how to properly describe it but, he has given me a new lease on life, he makes me feel sexy and alive again, which I had not realised that I myself had lost that feeling about myself… I am just a various individual now, thank God.

So, as corny as it sounds, I wanted to give something back, I wanted to help other women and males who might be in a similar position as I had been in just a couple of many years ago, I wanted to let you and them know that you will find options, you can get your self respect back…and as I work from home and I am online all day, I hit upon the idea of building this website and trying to help as many individuals as possible, who wish to have an affair or meet someone unique but do not know where to go to do it safely, find their way.

I hope you enjoy my site and that you eventually find what you’re searching for, thanks once again for visiting & if you have any questions please get in contact with me through my contact page.


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  1. I’m interested in meeting discreet, married women, age 50-65, who would like an older man for loving companionship.

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